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How to file Small Claims
How to file an Eviction
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The records custodian for records in the custody of the Clerk of Court is:

Tina Wallace
Clerk of Court
Bastrop City Court
P. O. Box 391
Bastrop, LA 71220
FAX: (318) 283-3386


The City Court of Bastrop was established by the State of Louisiana pursuant to Louisiana Revised Statutes 13:5200-5211. It is called a city court, but has jurisdiction over all of Wards 3 and 4 of Morehouse Parish, Louisiana. It has authority to decide certain criminal matters as well as civil disputes up to $15,000. You do not have to hire a lawyer to represent you in city court. However, suits require written pleadings which can be too complicated for an individual to file on his own behalf. The city judge and the employees of the city court are not allowed to give legal advice. Therefore, you may wish to contact a lawyer, even if you intend to handle your own claim. The City Court of Bastrop handles the following categories of cases:

  1. Criminal misdemeanors which includes the following:
    1. Traffic violations.
    2. Driving While Intoxicated DWI 1st and 2nd Offense
    3. Adult Criminal misdemeanors which includes Possession of Marijuana, Theft, Disturbing the Peace, Assault, Simple Battery, Criminal Property Damage and other ordinance violations (See Bond List)
  2. Civil lawsuits up to $15,000
  3. Small Claims up to $5,000
  4. Evictions, and seizures under promissory notes or security devices.

Bastrop City Court, 202 East Jefferson, Bastrop, LA
(p) 318-283-0257
(f) 318-283-3386

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
The Court only accepts Cash or Money Orders.
Please make money orders out to "BASTROP CITY COURT"