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The records custodian for records in the custody of the Clerk of Court is:

Tina Wallace
Clerk of Court
Bastrop City Court
P. O. Box 391
Bastrop, LA 71220
FAX: (318) 283-3386


Criminal Court is held on Tuesday. Arraignments start at 8:30am and Trials start at 10:30am. City Court is closed on all Legal Holidays. For a list of all holidays, click here.

The probation officer is Tina Wallace. Click here for possible requirements of probation , which is unsupervised.

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WAIVER LIST Revised and Effective June 20, 2023

1-15 MPH Over Limit $216.00
16-25 MPH Over Limit $241.00
26+ MPH Over Limit $266.00
School Zone (1-15 Over) $241.00
School Zone (16+ Over) $266.00
Negligent Operation
Code 1 Damages to Vehicle 2 $211.00
Code 2 Damages to Vehicle 2 $236.00
Code 3 Damages to Vehicle 2 $261.00
Expired MVI $191.00
No MVI $236.00
Switched MVI $261.00
Expired Driver's License
Up to 6 Months $191.00
Over 6 Months $241.00
No Driver's License $261.00
No Driver's License on Person $166.00
No Insurance $261.00
No Proof of Insurance $98.00
Viol. 01, 02, 03 Restrictions $236.00
Expired License Plate $196.00
Switched License Plate $261.00
Failure to Secure Registration $211.00
Allowing Unlicensed Driver to Drive $286.00
Overweight, Height or Load $336.00
Improper Brakes $211.00
No Cycle Endorsement $211.00
Offroad Vehicle on Road $211.00
No Headlights $236.00
Window Tint Violation $261.00
Illegal Exhaust $211.00
Unsafe Vehicle $211.00
Passing School Bus
No Child, other side of 4-lane $411.00
No Child, 2-lane either way, or 4-lane same way $461.00
Disobeying School Guard
No Children in Street
Remaining on Premises
Parking Lot Only
Littering $271.50
Simple Assault $321.50
Burning Trash in City Limits $221.50
Racing $336.00
Alcohol-Unlawful Poss, Consumpt, in Veh. $246.50
17 Years Old $246.50
Juveniles $67.50
Open Container Law Violation $246.50
Unnecessary Noise $321.50
Failure to Appear 1st offense
No Child Restraint - 1st Offense $100.00
No Child Restraint - 2nd Offense $250.00
No Child Restraint - 3rd Offense $661.00
No Seat Belt - 1st Offense $50.00
No Seat Belt - 2nd Offense $75.00
No Seat Belt - 3rd Offense $236.00
Parking in Handicapped Zone (1st Off.) $436.00
Parking in Handicapped Zone (2nd Off) $661.00
Driving Under Suspension
(Must appear in Court)

Bastrop City Court, 202 East Jefferson, Bastrop, LA
(p) 318-283-0257
(f) 318-283-3386

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
The Court only accepts Cash or Money Orders.
Please make money orders out to "BASTROP CITY COURT"