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How to file Small Claims
How to file an Eviction
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1. To evict a tenant because of the termination of the lease by expiration of its term, nonpayment of rent or for any other reason, the following actions are necessary:

      A. Prepare a Notice to Vacate Premises which is properly addressed to the tenant that gives him/her five (5) days to move for expiration of its term, nonpayment of rent, or for any other reason.

      B. The Notice to Vacate Premises should not contain a specific date to vacate but should simply state that tenant has five (5) days from date of delivery of notice. Do not include holidays or weekends when counting the five days.

      C. The Notice to Vacate Premises must be signed by you and your witness and should be handed to the tenant in front of your witness. If the tenant is not at home when you serve the Notice to Vacate Premises, either post it on the door (with your witness) or mail it to the tenant CERTIFIED MAIL – RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED (shall be signed by lessee).

      D. Retain a copy of the Notice to Vacate Premises for yourself. (Must be signed by you and your witness)


2. If the tenant has not moved within five (5) working days after handing, posting or receipt date of the certified mail notice, you may file a Rule to Evict. The procedure for filing an eviction suit follows:

      A. Complete the Rule to Evict form, which is available through the Civil Section, or online at www.bastropcitycourt.com. Bring form to Bastrop City Court for filing. BRING A COPY OF YOUR SIGNED NOTICE TO VACATE PREMISES. IF THE NOTICE WAS SENT BY CERTIFIED MAIL, ALSO BRING THE GREEN CARD SHOWING RECEIPT OF THE NOTICE BY THE TENANT.

      B. Bring $260.00 court cost for one (1) defendant (plus $90.00 for each additional defendant.)

      C. If an agent will appear at the scheduled hearing, an affidavit must be signed by the owner/lessor and filed with the Clerk of Court’s Office that authorizes this individual to act in that capacity.

      D. This office will have notice served on the tenant by the City Marshal which informs the tenant that you are suing him/her for eviction and giving him/ her a date to appear in Court if he/she wishes to contest the case. The Court date will be approximately 5 days to two (2) weeks from the date the suit is filed. You will be notified of the court date by certified or regular mail.

      E. If the tenant or possessions continue to remain in the premises on the morning of the Court hearing, you MUST appear before the Judge at Bastrop City Court. Check-in with the Marshal when you arrive. If you hand delivered the Notice to Vacate premises to the tenant, or posted it, you MUST bring one of your witnesses with you. The Judge will ask your witness, under oath, to confirm that he/she saw you personally or post the notice to the tenant.

3. If you are evicting a tenant in accordance with LA C.C.P. Art. 4701 and 4731 which authorizes waiver of the “Notice to Vacate” requirement, you must bring a copy of the lease when you file your eviction. When presenting this document, please highlight that waiver provision.

4. If the tenant remains on the premises twenty-four (24) hours after you are granted Judgment of Eviction, you can call the Marshal’s Office at (318) 281-3310 to make arrangements for the execution of the Warrant of Eviction (Writ of Possession).

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